Alligator this beast is perfect.

Alligator this beast is perfect.

The Kizlyar company was established in 1998 and has since acquired worldwide reputation for their unique blend of history and avant-garde tech. The Alligator by Kizlyar is Kizlyar’s military version of their Kayman machete. With its heavy ended pull compensating for its total length of 405mm it’s easy to see what makes the versatility of the Kayman either a compact machete or a knife with a freely maneuverable 280mm blade. This best-of-both-worlds approach offers vast practical advantage in the field. As a far better solution to the original Spetsnaz standard of the 1950’s, soon after the Kayman was released Kizlyar introduced the Alligator. From what the original Spetsnaz machete suffered most was an overt and superfluous width, uncomfortable handle, and poor quality of steel. An everyday survivalist, the Kizlyar version still has the same squared chisel edge for shoveling and breaching windows and doors, but unlike its ancestral 1950’s form this champion features the strength of the full tang 5.2 mm-thick design, the ergonomic comfort of a textolite grip, and superior AUS-8 56-57 HRC steel chemistry for both sharp and durable edge. This beast is perfect to suspend from the traditional leather belt clip that comes with it at a comfortable overall weight of 1.5 pounds and a black non-reflective finish for discreet visibility.

Russian Wrecking Tool!

Russian Wrecking Tool

Air Zlatoust Korsar Knife.

About a week ago I received a package with what I thought was going to be nicely made knives from Russian knifemakers... But what arrived was something very different.

Now I have used and owned plenty of knives from other countries and many are well made, but these knives from Air Zlatoust were a lot nicer than many of the knives I have held in my lifetime. These knives were, dare I say it, on the level of a custom knife. The fit and finish was top notch, they're super sharp, and the sheath is made perfectly. I rarely feel this, but I wish you could hold these knives as you read this, they're literally THAT nice. And that is my solid opinion as a lifelong knife nut, and edged tool collector.

I won’t tell you this knife is low cost, cause it’s not, but as we all know, you get what you pay for. And in this case, you REALLY get what you paid for. As far as the Korsar goes, it is a very nice knife, almost too nice, for the cost. The sheath is made of leather, sewn and riveted together, and uses more than one attachment method. It incorporates a belt loop and a belt clip, and can be worn in numerous places on the body.

The overall length tops 10.75" and the blade is a hefty 6.25" with a sharp 5.25" cutting edge. The blade is satin finished and features a blood groove and a great looking etched design on the upper flats and ricasso. The blade also features a false ground upper edge, and a choil for cinching up on the blade and tightening your grip for more precise cutting tasks. The handle is of the stacked leather design popular in WWI and WWII, with a high polished one piece guard and pommel. The grip design is a super comfortable shape, and is one of the few rare designs that actually feels like it was custom made to fit my hand.

The blade is a "V" Ground Blade and has a primary and secondary bevel, which can do serious cutting damage when deployed by a professional. The way this AZ knife was designed is genius in my opinion. Being that the sheath is a leather design with multiple mounting and carry options, that makes deployment faster, easier to practice with, and easier to articulate in the heat of the moment. The guard feels different when the blade is facing up and down, offering the soldier an easy way to deploy this knife to maximum effect in the dark. Plus night time deployment of this model would be much quieter than the average knife using a kydex or plastic sheath due to the leather sheath design. The handle is very maneuverable, and I have no trouble transitioning my grip from saber, to hammer, to reverse grip.

It is available in the Russian-made Steel Bladed models and other options for different looks and materials are also available. The team at Legion USA carries multiple models from AIR Zlatoust, this is only the first one we're reviewing. Wait until you see the videos and what we're going to do with these knives. If you're wondering how they would do against flesh, muscle, and clothing... You may just find out. Stay tuned, and in the mean time, visit or for your own Air Zlatoust Knife from Russia, with love.

Melita-K Knives- Russian Spec Ops Knives hit US Shores!!

Melita k logo

From 2009 until today, I have sought out the knives from Russia simply known as "Melita-K". Their numerous designs and innovative approach to manufacture has made them one of the leaders in the Russian Knife industry and kept them at the fore-front of military and special operations knife technology. Being a huge knife collector, its always been the knives that I CAN'T have that I want the most, like a real Japanese Edo Period Katana or Wakizashi with NTBHK Papers for proof of age and quality, real WWII OSS and SOE edged weaponry, and real Russian Spec Ops Blades like Melita-K. For years I haven’t been able to get Melita-K Knives due to import restrictions, about a million pieces of paperwork, and other various problems. But all that has changed… I’m Excited to report that Legion USA has began to import my long time knife obsession. Currently, Legion carries a few different models, but soon they are going to be stocking even more. So, what makes Melita-K so darn special you ask?

They use Ultra-high quality superfine ultrasonic forging technology. The high strength, flexibility and wear-resistance of each knife is provided by technology involving what we only know as "cold plastic forming of blade blank" (They hold Russian Federation Patents No.2041005 and No.2195382 for this Tech) combined with ultrasonic forging mentioned earlier; this tech has no known equal in ANY of the knife manufacturers around the world. They also apply blade forge-rolling technology, allowing products to be manufactured with biconvex profiles, as well as with convex-concave cross profiles. Melita-K has their own metal type (Russian Federation Patent #236957C1) developed by the Russian company Prommet-Splav (in Moscow City) just for Melita-K knife products.

One of the Blades I have obsessed over for all these years is the Katran. It is a knife developed for multiple purposes in the military applications, but truly finds its place in combat and survival applications.

There are a few models in the Katran line up, the Katran-1, Katran-1C, Katran-2, Katran-3 and there used to be a Katran-45 that was exclusive to the 45th Airborne Reg. Legion USA currently carries the Katran-2 and features the Camo pattern preferred by Russian Spec Ops and military forces.

The Specs for this knife is as follows:

Total length, mm - 300

Length of blade, mm - 180

Greatest width of blade, mm -

By Dane D. Lawrence

01-02-2016 35

"Strela: Ukrainian Military Firearms Accessories hit U.S. shores and make a great impression!"

Strela flash hider

Strela- Russian word meaning "Arrow".

The Strela name is most well known for the shoulder fired surface to air rocket launcher system developed for Russian Military applications, but now the name has taken on a new meaning. Strela is the Ukrainian firearms accessories company making a big name for themselves with top of the line flash hiders, muzzle brakes, thread adapters, sling attachment points, and so much more.

They have pushed their designs past the limits of a normal product to a level see mostly in custom made competition accessories. Their flash hiders are made of superior materials, and when attached to a rifle, deliver a level of flash suppression that I was surprised to see. Granted, I have seen a lot of products and used a lot of products, but these flash hiders and muzzle brakes are definitely hitting well above their weight.

For example, the AK Flash Suppressor (here- ) is a 3-pc design that's made in the Ukraine, and actually can be used with multiple calibers. You can use just this one flash suppressor for many of your rifles with its funnel inserts/adapters, and the adapters come with it! The Calibers you can use it with include: 5.45x39, 5.56x45, .223, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, .308. The AK flash suppressor is only 4.250 inches long, weighs in at just 8.4oz, and threads to the 24x1.5mm thread pattern most well known for being on the AK74 pattern rifles. It is also tuned to be used with Night Vision devices and helps to reduce sound by directing it at a 45 degree angle towards the target, instead of back towards the shooter like most muzzle brakes. Currently in use with the Ukrainian Military, and with a 95% Flash reduction rating, it is easy to see why this Strela flash suppressor is so sought after.

The next example I would like to show I the Sputnik Muzzle Brake. The Sputnik is an interesting design in its makeup and it's construction. It is made of Russian 35ch GSA Mil-Spec Steel. When you see it attached to an AK74, it looks a bit bigger than the normal AK74 brake you're used to seeing, yet it's weight is lighter. Weighing in at a mere 5.4oz, and being only 3.250 inches long, the weight to muzzle braking capability is a surprise to say the least. When I took this brake to the range, I used the hottest loads I had for my 74, which were the hard steel core military 7N6 rounds, and to my surprise, I felt little to no muzzle rise. I ran a few slow semi auto shots to check the rise, and the Sputnik performed flawlessly. Then I went to a rapid fire semi auto stance and rapped off as many shots as I could, as fast as my semi auto trigger system would let me. Once again, there was very little, if any, muzzle rise. So I handed my AK-74 to my friend who's one of the guys that started "bump firing" and made it "famous". He took the AK-74 with the Sputnik, lined it up on his hip, and let it rip... Bump firing it as fast as an AK74 will go during a Bump-fire cycle. The full mag emptied super fast and yet, again, the muzzle barely rose at all. All but 3 rounds were counted in the target paper. Our theory is that his initial raps on the the trigger to start the bump fire are what took the 3 rounds that were unaccounted for off target.

Two incredible showings for the Strela Products Team. Needless to say, I am impressed and I will be adding more Strela gear to my AK's. I found these products to be worth every penny and I am sure you will too.

"Thanks for reading. Watch your six, keep 'em sharp, and keep your sights on target."

Written by: Dane Draven

​“Air Zlatoust Knives: Russian Perfection!”

AIR Zlatoust knife NKVD

If you know knives, and you’re a fan of Russian engineering and overbuilt beefed up technology in the form of a knife, then the Russian line of knives known as "Air Zlatoust" is for you. The city of Zlatoust, in the South Urals, is proudly situated on the border between Asia and Europe. The streets of the city are vast and there are many of them. Well known to the locals, the “Zlatoust School of Artistic Metal Treatment" was founded and brought to life by Ivan N. Bushuev, and its located in the city of Zlatoust. Air Zlatoust is a company based out of this same area and they are well known for their high quality knives and attention to detail. Many of their knives involve various handmade processes which in turn gives each knife a unique touch. AIR Zlatoust masters use a steel called "100x13M" which, from what we can tell, is a corrosion-resistant steel that has no comparable steels in US . They also use the well-known AUS-8 steel, and another steel called 95x18 which is well suited to cutlery applications. A lot of the guards and pommels on their knives are made of high quality Stainless Steel to protect them. Many of their blades are almost 1/4" thick, making them thicker and stronger than comparable knives. AIR Zlatoust also uses stacked leather washers, rubber/polymer, or various types of wood such as Walnut for the knife handles, and genuine leather for their sheaths.

Review by Dane Draven

Not knowing much about these knives, I was curious about them and what they were all about, quality of construction, materials, etc. I looked thru the various knives on the Legion site and I ordered the AIR ZLATOUST KNIFE "GUARD", the AIR ZLATOUST KNIFE "LYNX", and finally the AIR ZLATOUST KNIFE "KORSAR". The acquisition of these 3 knives gave me a wide variety of the variations available from AIR ZLATOUST KNIVES. I was quite impressed with their blade profiles, the feel of the handles in my hand, how the leather sheaths were made, the great balance, and the sharpness of each and every one of them. It’s clear to me that the AIR Zlatoust team knows knives, and knows how to take standard materials, and turn them into works of art in steel. You may find that you prefer a different knife, or you may need another type for another application. But whatever you need, AIR ZLATOUST KNIVES probably has one for you.

If you're interested in acquiring one of these fine knives you can either go to their website and try to navigate the Russian language it’s written in, which isn’t as easy as it may seem, or you can take the much more simple and faster option of going to Legion USA and buy your AIR Zlatoust knives from them. 

"Thanks for reading. Watch your six, Keep ‘em sharp, and keep your sights on target."

Legion USA debuts the Creative Arms: ARK Combat Rifle 762x39mm

Creative Arms ARK

As one of the USA’s more discerning FFL Holders, Legion USA does not carry just any firearm. Legion prefers to carry high quality weapons platforms and equipment that you can count on. The Creative Arms ARK Battle Rifle is one such example of the type of high quality firearm that Legion carries and their customers have come to expect. The Creative Arms ARK Battle Rifle is a truly unique firearm in multiple ways. Many manufacturers have tried, struggled, and failed to create an AK47/AR15 hybrid weapon. The multitude of differences within each individual platform makes blending the two guns into one a very tall order. ButCreative Arms has taken the concept of these two guns being blended into one, and ran with it. Most companies run down a specific path when doing this type of work, for example, an AR15 platform chambered in 7.62x39mm but using AR15 style magazines. And while many of the current ideas on the market work, they do not work the way that the Creative Arms platform does.

Creative Arms took the best parts of the AK47, the best parts of the AR15, plus their own design ideas, and the ARK was born. While we cannot reveal every part of the ARK’s construction to our readers, and we cannot tell you each and every part they chose to use from each gun and why... but we can give you a detailed overview. The ARK retains the gas-operated rotating bolt system, the AK bolt carrier with slight modifications, the AK firing pin, and the AK bolt... in addition to the AR15 style trigger group, furniture, and other specific AR15 parts. The 1 in 9.5" twist barrel is made by Green Mountain at their factory, shipped to Creative Arms, and the rest of the fitting for the barrel and mating it to the receiver is done in-house by Creative Arms. The receiver is their design and is milled from a solid block of aluminum with heavy duty rails for the action to cycle on. Many other parts they use in this gun are built and machined exclusively by them for the ARK in their shop in Des Moines Iowa, USA. The current model ARK is chambered in 7.62x39mm as previously mentioned, but there are plans to chamber it in the other Russian Assault rifle caliber, 5.45x39mm. The ARK will be available in 5 colors, black, grey, silver, tan, or OD green. Additional upcoming configurations include a pistol version that can be legally and properly converted to an SBR or just used as a pistol, and an Integrally Suppressed version. The ARK has rails for mounting accessories or optics at the 12:00, and 6:00 o'clock positions with additional rail attachment points at the 3:00 and 9:00 o'clock positions. The Base Price is just $1450, and that includes 2 Magpul AK Magazines, Magpul furniture and of course, the ARK rifle. Set to hit stores in the 4th quarter of 2015 or early 2016, the ARK is shaping up to be one of the greatest new firearms on the market. Stay tuned to the Legion USA Logistics Blog for details on how to reserve or purchase yours.

"Keep your ammo topped off, your blades sharp, your ready-bag by the door, and always be prepared to fight longer and harder than your enemy."

Warrior Wisdom

Muzzle Brake VS. Flash Hider

muzzle brake and flash hider

If you are a gun owner, a competition shooter, or even just an occasional shooter, you've probably heard of and seen muzzle brakes and flash hiders on firearms.

Sometimes, when a bullet is fired from a shorter barrel than it was designed for, there is excess powder that is being pushed behind the bullet, so when this excess powder exits the muzzle, it creates a large "flash". Flash hiders were engineered to counteract this problem. Typically seen on military rifles and short barreled military carbine type rifles, flash hiders are simply meant to reduce the amount of flash that exits the barrel following the bullet to prevent the flash from blinding the shooter during low light operations and to reduce flash seen by the enemy.

A muzzle brake acts on the laws of physics and "equal and opposite reaction". It is a device which is typically seen and used on firearms that require recoil and muzzle rise reduction. Examples of these might be the triangular arrowhead shaped muzzle brake seen on Barrett 50 caliber Sniper Rifles, or the Molot GK-01 Muzzle Brake that is often used on the Molot Vepr-12 shotgun. A muzzle brake works by redirecting the gases that exit the muzzle upwards and/or to both sides thereby effectively controlling muzzle rise and helping to control recoil. Controlling these two forces helps to keep the shooter on target and aids in faster follow up shots. Although often confused with each other, the flash hider is meant only to reduce the amount of flash from the muzzle to protect the shooters night vision and reduce his visible signature to enemy forces, and the muzzle brake is meant only to reduce recoil, muzzle climb, and usually does not help to reduce flash by an appreciable amount.

Russian Kizlyar knives for sale in US

kizlyar knife

The history of Kizlyar is not just in the name of the knife company, but also in the town the knives are produced. The Town of Kizlyar in the Dagestan Province of Southern Russia is quite historically significant with regards to weapons production. Since the 14th Century, many weaponsmiths have called the town of Kizlyar home. Depending on their regional locale in Dagestan, many types of knives, daggers, sabers, and even firearms were produced. That proud tradition continues as Kizlyar Knives produces some of the finest products available.

In 1992, IE Kizlyar LTD produced it very first special order run of knives. These knives were so well made that many more orders began to flow in. In 1995, IE Kizlyar LTD was the1st company in Dagestan that was granted a license that allowed them to create what are known in Russia as "cold weapons". This license allowed them to design and produce 3 of their most popular designs, the Stalker, the Korshun, and the Scorpion. The aggressive design and the strong, reliable construction of these knives immediately made them a hit with Law Enforcement, Military, and Special Forces. With the increasing success of these knives and the massive amounts of orders that followed, another company, Kizlyar Knives, was formed to handle the ever increasing demand.

Today, Kizlyar Knives continues to produce some of the highest quality knives in the world. Using expensive steels like Russian 65X13 Steel, French Z60, and their own Damascus steel made in house by Kizlyar. They also use numerous handle and sheathing materials like Caucasian Walnut, Horn, Pure Silver, Diamonds, Ivory, Stingray Skin, and other precious materials for their sheaths.

In 2004, at the IWA exhibition in Nuremburg Germany, Kizlyar Knives put one of their collectible knives up against 72 knives from makers in 10 other countries. Winning first prize, the Kizlyar "Golden Mask" Knife was awarded Best in show and most collectible knife at the show. Many other awards from all around the world have been won by Kizlyar Knives, and they still continue to win awards. Legion is one of very few companies in the USA that carries these fine quality knives, and now you can add one to your collection without having to go overseas to get it. Find out why Militaries, Hunters, and Law Enforcement all over the world carry, use, and respect Kizlyar Knives.

Ilyin GK-01 muzzle brake for Vepr or Saiga shotgun


The GK-01 Brake is known worldwide as the BEST muzzle brake for the Saiga-12 and the VEPR-12 semi auto shotguns for good reason. It reduces muzzle climb by a wide margin, and it helps balance the weapon which is especially important with shotguns because of their longer barrels. Threaded to the M22x0.75 so it can fit the Saiga-12 or the Vepr-12 and machined from forged aluminum, its ports are strategically cut to provide maximum release and cooling of gases while helping to keep the shooter on target. Used extensively for competition and by military and law enforcement, it is simply the best muzzle brake money can buy for the Saiga 12 and Vepr 12.

Founded in 1940, the MOLOT Factory was originally tasked with making one of the most well known firearms of WWII, the PPsh Machine Pistol or submachine gun. From 1950-1960, the MOLOT Factory was the only Russian factory making the 7.62 RPK, the AGS-17 Grenade Launchers, and the Stechkin APS 9mm Auto-Pistol. In 1994, MOLOT introduced their first semi-auto hunting rifle in 7.62x39mm, the VEPR, with many models to follow. The MOLOT factory has continued this tradition of excellence with their Kalashnikov pattern shotguns like the VEPR-12 and the highest quality muzzle brake and accessories such as the GK-01 Muzzle brake

10 Round Trimming Tutorial


Some Vepr  10 round magazines are made from the factory by cutting and 8 and a 2 round magazine and gluing the respective parts together with a dupont rubber coat and adhesive. This causes to the junctions between the two joined magazines to not always be flush which leads to the follower getting stuck after the 7th round has been inserted.

This tutorial attempts to provide a solution for this problem.

Step  1.) First, attempt to push the follower down fully either by inserting a long rigid rod, or by inserting 10 snap caps. If you can push the follower fully, congratulations you can skip the remaining steps, if not go to step 2.

Step 2.) Take apart the magazine. To do this flip the magazine upside down, and push the button in the center of the base plate with a rod or something thin and rigid enough to overcome the force of the spring tension. Then slide the plate out carefully, being cautious with the bracket that’s attached to the spring as the spring itself is under a good amount of tension and if not careful can fly out.

Step 3.) Remove the spring and detach the follower from the spring.

This is what the follower should look like and if you notice the rear legs of the follower you can see that there are some marks on it. This is due to the follower being forced past the junction where the two glued together magazines meet. The trick is to blunt or smooth this area enough so that it doesn’t get snagged in the junction between the two glued together magazines.

Here you can see the junction where the follower becomes stuck.

Step 4.) With a file, or a rotary tool carefully blunt the legs of the follower. One merely needs to profile the legs so there are no hard points on the follower. This prevents the tendency for the follower to get caught in the junction.

Here is a picture of the follower with the legs trimmed to avoid any sharp edges. The difference in appearance is subtle but the function is vastly different (you can easily load 10 rounds with this follower as opposed to the previously illustrated one).

Step 5.) Reassemble magazine back together in the reverse order you took it apart in.

Top 6 Reasons to Convert a Saiga

Legion USA AK-104 Saiga

Photo of Legion Exclusive AK-104 Saiga

For Saigas to be legally imported into the United States they must be placed in a sporting configuration. You'll notice factory unconverted Saigas have a plate on the bottom of the rear receiver that covers the trigger hole as well as a bar connected to the trigger. Saigas are popular because they can rather easily be converted back to a traditional AK setup while still complying with federal (and state) laws.

If you're undecided whether you should convert your Saiga after you buy from Legion USA, here's a look at the top 6 reasons to do a Saiga conversion.

1. Simplifies the fire control group (FCG) and improves trigger pull Saigas in the sporter configuration have a unique FCG in that the trigger is actually pulling a bar. Switching the fire control group feels better and may be necessary for some Saiga conversions. Pulling a lever that moves a bar that pulls the actual trigger is also far from the ideal setup so you'll notice less friction and a lighter pull.

2. Improved ergonomics A Saiga conversion moves the center of gravity closer to you so your Saiga 12 is easier to control and aim. Depending on the AK stock you choose, you can also reduce the length of the gun by up to 5 inches.

4. Use high capacity rounds Want to use a 10- or 20-round magazine with your Saiga rifles? You'll need to convert the firearm to accept AK magazines and still comply with federal and state laws.

Converted Saiga 12 with wood pistol grip, GK-01 muzzle brake and SVD-S stock. 

5. Pistol grip Most people prefer a pistol grip, which makes it easier and faster to get back on your target. Adding a pistol grip also restores the balance to the gun and improves handling in general.

6. Better range of furniture You'll find a much wider variety of furniture for a converted Saiga than a stock Saiga, including folding and telescopic stocks.

If you do choose to convert your Saiga, make sure you remain in compliance with federal and state laws, particularly regarding the number of foreign-made parts. Along with the federal 922r law regarding firearms and conversions, be aware of state laws that may ban certain features outright, such as high-capacity rounds.

Here's a good checklist to use to make sure you remain 922r complaint: GunWiki 922r Worksheet for Saiga Compliance

How to Buy a Gun Online

AK Vepr 1V

While you probably know it's easy to buy ammunition, hunting gear and accessories online, it's also possible (and easy!) to buy Saiga shotguns and rifles online. The process is completely legal and follows a number of federal laws which regulate how weapons are shipped and who they may be sold to. Here's a look at what you need to know about buying guns online and the steps to take to order a firearm from Legion.

Who Can Buy Firearms Online? You can purchase just about any weapon online, including Saiga shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and handguns. You must be legally allowed to purchase the gun, however. To buy a long gun, such as a shotgun or rifle, you must be at least 18 years old and not a convicted felon. For handguns, you must be at least 21 years old and not a convicted felon. You'll also need to check the laws in your state to make sure you're legally allowed to own the gun you want. In some states, it's illegal to own a gun if you have any domestic violation on your record. Next, make sure the gun you want is legal in your state and city. Some cities have bans on certain weapons. California also has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. If you live in California, it may be necessary to buy a converted Saiga that complies with state law.

FFL License

How a Federal Firearms License Comes In When you buy a gun online, it can't be shipped directly to you. Instead, it must be transferred by a shop that has a current Federal Firearms License (FFL). This permit is issued by the BATFE to anyone who sells firearms. Legion USA Inc maintains an FFL license and will ship your gun to your chosen FFL dealer, who will then transfer the gun to you for a small fee.

How to Buy a Firearm from Legion USA Inc: 1. Locate a licensed FFL dealer to accept your gun for you. It may be a sporting goods store, a gun shop or any store that maintains an FFL license. You can use the FFL Gun Dealers Site to locate a nearby dealer. 2. Contact the FFL dealer and let them know you'd like them to accept your firearm from Legion USA Inc. Their transfer fee will probably be around $25. Arrange this transfer with your chosen dealer. 3. Give your dealer the mailing address, fax number or email for Legion USA so they can forward a copy of their FFL license. 4. Choose a Saiga you like and complete your order through our secure shopping cart. You'll receive an email with the confirmation. Please include the name of the FFL dealer with your order so Legion knows exactly where to ship your gun. 5. When you pick up your Saiga, the FFL dealer will do a background check on you. As long as you pass this background and fill out all of the paperwork, you're free to take home your gun!

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