How to Buy a Gun Online

AK Vepr 1V

While you probably know it's easy to buy ammunition, hunting gear and accessories online, it's also possible (and easy!) to buy Saiga shotguns and rifles online. The process is completely legal and follows a number of federal laws which regulate how weapons are shipped and who they may be sold to. Here's a look at what you need to know about buying guns online and the steps to take to order a firearm from Legion.

Who Can Buy Firearms Online? You can purchase just about any weapon online, including Saiga shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and handguns. You must be legally allowed to purchase the gun, however. To buy a long gun, such as a shotgun or rifle, you must be at least 18 years old and not a convicted felon. For handguns, you must be at least 21 years old and not a convicted felon. You'll also need to check the laws in your state to make sure you're legally allowed to own the gun you want. In some states, it's illegal to own a gun if you have any domestic violation on your record. Next, make sure the gun you want is legal in your state and city. Some cities have bans on certain weapons. California also has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. If you live in California, it may be necessary to buy a converted Saiga that complies with state law.

FFL License

How a Federal Firearms License Comes In When you buy a gun online, it can't be shipped directly to you. Instead, it must be transferred by a shop that has a current Federal Firearms License (FFL). This permit is issued by the BATFE to anyone who sells firearms. Legion USA Inc maintains an FFL license and will ship your gun to your chosen FFL dealer, who will then transfer the gun to you for a small fee.

How to Buy a Firearm from Legion USA Inc: 1. Locate a licensed FFL dealer to accept your gun for you. It may be a sporting goods store, a gun shop or any store that maintains an FFL license. You can use the FFL Gun Dealers Site to locate a nearby dealer. 2. Contact the FFL dealer and let them know you'd like them to accept your firearm from Legion USA Inc. Their transfer fee will probably be around $25. Arrange this transfer with your chosen dealer. 3. Give your dealer the mailing address, fax number or email for Legion USA so they can forward a copy of their FFL license. 4. Choose a Saiga you like and complete your order through our secure shopping cart. You'll receive an email with the confirmation. Please include the name of the FFL dealer with your order so Legion knows exactly where to ship your gun. 5. When you pick up your Saiga, the FFL dealer will do a background check on you. As long as you pass this background and fill out all of the paperwork, you're free to take home your gun!