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We sell AK handguard different modifications for different types of weapons AK Saiga and Vepr different calibres (eg, 7.62x39). The stock of weapons, depending on the model, can be whole or separately.

The one-piece bed is a single piece, which is inseparable from the forearm and buttstock. In separate lodge butt and handguard are made as separate parts of weapons. Both lodges are found both on the threaded, and the shotguns.

Most of our models of handguard are equipped with universal guides, which can be installed tactical flashlight, laser pointer, bipod, different types of arms and other attachments. Front metal insert and a thermal shield protects hands from burns shooter in the conduct intense fire. In the assortment you can find wooden handguards - eg, walnut, birch, beech, as well as metal, including steel and aluminum alloys.

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