Muzzle Brake "Storm-47" by AKademia

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Made in Russia
AKademia Manufacturer
Ships in 2-3 Days
Excellent performance.


SKU 000559
  • 7.62x39mm
Manufacturer AKademia
Material Steel
Overall Length 4 inch
UPC Code 683258624787
Weight 5.36oz


Weight: 4.7Oz

Three chamber construction

Features ability to break wire barriers with a shot.

Better grouping.

Decreased recoil.

Increased rate of fire.

Decreased side slip and toss.

Increases the accuracy of fire in bursts and fast bursts.

Fits any AK with 14x1mm LH thread


This brake is excellent.Hardly any muzzle rise,alot better than the AK74 brake I had on.
Smooth, light recoil impulse and no muzzle jump. You could shoot all day and not notice it in the shoulder. No change in point of impact at 100 yards. Well made, cool design. Muzzle blast did not bother range neighbor.
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