AK(7.62x51).308Win Rifles

Rifles Saiga and Vepr calibre 7.62x51 (.308Win) for sale are built on a constructive scheme Kalashnikov. The trigger mechanism of a hammer (as in Izhevsk carbine Saiga) type allows to produce only single shots. The fuse at the statement on protection at the same time prevents the gate leads. The stock and handguard are made of wood, with the handguard is missing (as in carbine Siaga), covers the forearm and upper trunk.

Designers of JSC Molot are not abandoned in the sample from his hunting pistol grip by doing it at the same time with the butt. To this end, it has made a corresponding hole for the thumb. This solution doesn't require the transfer of the trigger and trigger guard, and hence the additional thrust to the trigger.

Stores in Vepr weapons similar to those used in Saiga and also of two types - with a capacity of 5 and 10 cartridges. Sight in carbines sector is dividing up to 1000 m. The receiver has a similar carbine Saiga basis for setting an optical sight. Due to the fact that the rifle used to develop a basic pattern substantially heavier AK, Vepr weight is also slightly larger than the Saiga.

Knowing that a Kalashnikov rifle has long been used abroad for weapons and a powerful rifle cartridge, designers Molot based Vepr carbine chambered for 7.62x39 created his version of a 7.62 mm cartridge type .308 Winchester (hunting cartridge modification 7.62х51 NATO). The new carbine was named Vepr-308.

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