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Buttstocks & Grips

In this section you can buy buttstocks, collapsible stocks, folding stock adapters, grips, foregrips both domestic and imported for rifles AK Vepr Saiga. Long gone are the days when to hunt for animals, people used bows, stones, spears, and maces. With the invention of gunpowder, the development of the weapons industry has leapt forward. Crossbows, Berdan rifle, rifle, carbines - everything was created for the convenience of animal prey. And what is a gun without a butt? How to use a gun without a buttstock? We cannot imagine. Could not creators and weapons.

What is needed is the buttstock of a rifle? First of all, gun buttstock - this focus for aiming. Buttstock abuts the shoulder shooter, thus locking the gun in position for shooting. And if in the buttstock to install a rubber neck shock absorber, the buttstock to cope with another important task - partially dampens recoil.

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