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Mounting Systems

The weapon is designed to hit a target. In such case, search and identification of targets, as well as the process of sight, depends entirely on the shooter. There are plenty of Mounting Systems, which can greatly facilitate the arrow to accomplish this task. Various types of sights, laser designators, tactical flashlights and other attachments allows you to install brackets for weapons.

There are several types of brackets for attaching additional equipment, so the scopes manufacturers produce models without attachments. Weapon owner has to buy arms suitable type. This solution allows the owner of several weapons sights not to buy for each one, and to use one, buying a few brackets, which is much cheaper.

We offer for sale a dust cover rail, side rail mount, scope rail, troy and ultimak rail, side scope mount, gas tube, handguard retainer, sling mount, receiver for AK rifles Saiga different calibre. Our mounting arms for lights, lasers, optical sights are of high quality and reasonable price.

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