AK74 (5.45x39) Rifles

We offer for sale high-quality rifle AK-74 Saiga and Vepr caliber 5.45x39 mm. A series of rifle AK-74 is a direct descendant of the AK and AKM. Following a world fashion on small-caliber weapons, Mikhail Kalashnikov "redid" AK under the new cartridge 5.45x39. Compared with the M16A2, AK-74 shows a somewhat lower accuracy and precision shooting, but a much higher reliability and lower maintenance requirements (especially in the context of hostilities).


  • Calibre 5.45x39 mm
  • The length of 933 mm, with folded butt 700 mm
  • Barrel length 415 mm
  • Weight 3.2 kg (with empty magazine without bayonet); 3.5 kg (with a full magazine)
  • Magazine capacity 30 rounds

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