Legion USA debuts the Creative Arms: ARK Combat Rifle 762x39mm

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Creative Arms ARK

As one of the USA’s more discerning FFL Holders, Legion USA does not carry just any firearm. Legion prefers to carry high quality weapons platforms and equipment that you can count on. The Creative Arms ARK Battle Rifle is one such example of the type of high quality firearm that Legion carries and their customers have come to expect. The Creative Arms ARK Battle Rifle is a truly unique firearm in multiple ways. Many manufacturers have tried, struggled, and failed to create an AK47/AR15 hybrid weapon. The multitude of differences within each individual platform makes blending the two guns into one a very tall order. ButCreative Arms has taken the concept of these two guns being blended into one, and ran with it. Most companies run down a specific path when doing this type of work, for example, an AR15 platform chambered in 7.62x39mm but using AR15 style magazines. And while many of the current ideas on the market work, they do not work the way that the Creative Arms platform does.

Creative Arms took the best parts of the AK47, the best parts of the AR15, plus their own design ideas, and the ARK was born. While we cannot reveal every part of the ARK’s construction to our readers, and we cannot tell you each and every part they chose to use from each gun and why... but we can give you a detailed overview. The ARK retains the gas-operated rotating bolt system, the AK bolt carrier with slight modifications, the AK firing pin, and the AK bolt... in addition to the AR15 style trigger group, furniture, and other specific AR15 parts. The 1 in 9.5" twist barrel is made by Green Mountain at their factory, shipped to Creative Arms, and the rest of the fitting for the barrel and mating it to the receiver is done in-house by Creative Arms. The receiver is their design and is milled from a solid block of aluminum with heavy duty rails for the action to cycle on. Many other parts they use in this gun are built and machined exclusively by them for the ARK in their shop in Des Moines Iowa, USA. The current model ARK is chambered in 7.62x39mm as previously mentioned, but there are plans to chamber it in the other Russian Assault rifle caliber, 5.45x39mm. The ARK will be available in 5 colors, black, grey, silver, tan, or OD green. Additional upcoming configurations include a pistol version that can be legally and properly converted to an SBR or just used as a pistol, and an Integrally Suppressed version. The ARK has rails for mounting accessories or optics at the 12:00, and 6:00 o'clock positions with additional rail attachment points at the 3:00 and 9:00 o'clock positions. The Base Price is just $1450, and that includes 2 Magpul AK Magazines, Magpul furniture and of course, the ARK rifle. Set to hit stores in the 4th quarter of 2015 or early 2016, the ARK is shaping up to be one of the greatest new firearms on the market. Stay tuned to the Legion USA Logistics Blog for details on how to reserve or purchase yours.

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