Melita-K Knives- Russian Spec Ops Knives hit US Shores!!

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From 2009 until today, I have sought out the knives from Russia simply known as "Melita-K". Their numerous designs and innovative approach to manufacture has made them one of the leaders in the Russian Knife industry and kept them at the fore-front of military and special operations knife technology. Being a huge knife collector, its always been the knives that I CAN'T have that I want the most, like a real Japanese Edo Period Katana or Wakizashi with NTBHK Papers for proof of age and quality, real WWII OSS and SOE edged weaponry, and real Russian Spec Ops Blades like Melita-K. For years I haven’t been able to get Melita-K Knives due to import restrictions, about a million pieces of paperwork, and other various problems. But all that has changed… I’m Excited to report that Legion USA has began to import my long time knife obsession. Currently, Legion carries a few different models, but soon they are going to be stocking even more. So, what makes Melita-K so darn special you ask?

They use Ultra-high quality superfine ultrasonic forging technology. The high strength, flexibility and wear-resistance of each knife is provided by technology involving what we only know as "cold plastic forming of blade blank" (They hold Russian Federation Patents No.2041005 and No.2195382 for this Tech) combined with ultrasonic forging mentioned earlier; this tech has no known equal in ANY of the knife manufacturers around the world. They also apply blade forge-rolling technology, allowing products to be manufactured with biconvex profiles, as well as with convex-concave cross profiles. Melita-K has their own metal type (Russian Federation Patent #236957C1) developed by the Russian company Prommet-Splav (in Moscow City) just for Melita-K knife products.

One of the Blades I have obsessed over for all these years is the Katran. It is a knife developed for multiple purposes in the military applications, but truly finds its place in combat and survival applications.

There are a few models in the Katran line up, the Katran-1, Katran-1C, Katran-2, Katran-3 and there used to be a Katran-45 that was exclusive to the 45th Airborne Reg. Legion USA currently carries the Katran-2 and features the Camo pattern preferred by Russian Spec Ops and military forces.

The Specs for this knife is as follows:

Total length, mm - 300

Length of blade, mm - 180

Greatest width of blade, mm -

By Dane D. Lawrence

01-02-2016 35