Russian Kizlyar knives for sale in US

kizlyar knife

The history of Kizlyar is not just in the name of the knife company, but also in the town the knives are produced. The Town of Kizlyar in the Dagestan Province of Southern Russia is quite historically significant with regards to weapons production. Since the 14th Century, many weaponsmiths have called the town of Kizlyar home. Depending on their regional locale in Dagestan, many types of knives, daggers, sabers, and even firearms were produced. That proud tradition continues as Kizlyar Knives produces some of the finest products available.

In 1992, IE Kizlyar LTD produced it very first special order run of knives. These knives were so well made that many more orders began to flow in. In 1995, IE Kizlyar LTD was the1st company in Dagestan that was granted a license that allowed them to create what are known in Russia as "cold weapons". This license allowed them to design and produce 3 of their most popular designs, the Stalker, the Korshun, and the Scorpion. The aggressive design and the strong, reliable construction of these knives immediately made them a hit with Law Enforcement, Military, and Special Forces. With the increasing success of these knives and the massive amounts of orders that followed, another company, Kizlyar Knives, was formed to handle the ever increasing demand.

Today, Kizlyar Knives continues to produce some of the highest quality knives in the world. Using expensive steels like Russian 65X13 Steel, French Z60, and their own Damascus steel made in house by Kizlyar. They also use numerous handle and sheathing materials like Caucasian Walnut, Horn, Pure Silver, Diamonds, Ivory, Stingray Skin, and other precious materials for their sheaths.

In 2004, at the IWA exhibition in Nuremburg Germany, Kizlyar Knives put one of their collectible knives up against 72 knives from makers in 10 other countries. Winning first prize, the Kizlyar "Golden Mask" Knife was awarded Best in show and most collectible knife at the show. Many other awards from all around the world have been won by Kizlyar Knives, and they still continue to win awards. Legion is one of very few companies in the USA that carries these fine quality knives, and now you can add one to your collection without having to go overseas to get it. Find out why Militaries, Hunters, and Law Enforcement all over the world carry, use, and respect Kizlyar Knives.