Top 6 Reasons to Convert a Saiga

Legion USA AK-104 Saiga

Photo of Legion Exclusive AK-104 Saiga

For Saigas to be legally imported into the United States they must be placed in a sporting configuration. You'll notice factory unconverted Saigas have a plate on the bottom of the rear receiver that covers the trigger hole as well as a bar connected to the trigger. Saigas are popular because they can rather easily be converted back to a traditional AK setup while still complying with federal (and state) laws.

If you're undecided whether you should convert your Saiga after you buy from Legion USA, here's a look at the top 6 reasons to do a Saiga conversion.

1. Simplifies the fire control group (FCG) and improves trigger pull Saigas in the sporter configuration have a unique FCG in that the trigger is actually pulling a bar. Switching the fire control group feels better and may be necessary for some Saiga conversions. Pulling a lever that moves a bar that pulls the actual trigger is also far from the ideal setup so you'll notice less friction and a lighter pull.

2. Improved ergonomics A Saiga conversion moves the center of gravity closer to you so your Saiga 12 is easier to control and aim. Depending on the AK stock you choose, you can also reduce the length of the gun by up to 5 inches.

4. Use high capacity rounds Want to use a 10- or 20-round magazine with your Saiga rifles? You'll need to convert the firearm to accept AK magazines and still comply with federal and state laws.

Converted Saiga 12 with wood pistol grip, GK-01 muzzle brake and SVD-S stock. 

5. Pistol grip Most people prefer a pistol grip, which makes it easier and faster to get back on your target. Adding a pistol grip also restores the balance to the gun and improves handling in general.

6. Better range of furniture You'll find a much wider variety of furniture for a converted Saiga than a stock Saiga, including folding and telescopic stocks.

If you do choose to convert your Saiga, make sure you remain in compliance with federal and state laws, particularly regarding the number of foreign-made parts. Along with the federal 922r law regarding firearms and conversions, be aware of state laws that may ban certain features outright, such as high-capacity rounds.

Here's a good checklist to use to make sure you remain 922r complaint: GunWiki 922r Worksheet for Saiga Compliance