Alligator this beast is perfect.

Alligator this beast is perfect.

The Kizlyar company was established in 1998 and has since acquired worldwide reputation for their unique blend of history and avant-garde tech. The Alligator by Kizlyar is Kizlyar’s military version of their Kayman machete. With its heavy ended pull compensating for its total length of 405mm it’s easy to see what makes the versatility of the Kayman either a compact machete or a knife with a freely maneuverable 280mm blade. This best-of-both-worlds approach offers vast practical advantage in the field. As a far better solution to the original Spetsnaz standard of the 1950’s, soon after the Kayman was released Kizlyar introduced the Alligator. From what the original Spetsnaz machete suffered most was an overt and superfluous width, uncomfortable handle, and poor quality of steel. An everyday survivalist, the Kizlyar version still has the same squared chisel edge for shoveling and breaching windows and doors, but unlike its ancestral 1950’s form this champion features the strength of the full tang 5.2 mm-thick design, the ergonomic comfort of a textolite grip, and superior AUS-8 56-57 HRC steel chemistry for both sharp and durable edge. This beast is perfect to suspend from the traditional leather belt clip that comes with it at a comfortable overall weight of 1.5 pounds and a black non-reflective finish for discreet visibility.


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