"Strela: Ukrainian Military Firearms Accessories hit U.S. shores and make a great impression!"

Strela flash hider

Strela- Russian word meaning "Arrow".

The Strela name is most well known for the shoulder fired surface to air rocket launcher system developed for Russian Military applications, but now the name has taken on a new meaning. Strela is the Ukrainian firearms accessories company making a big name for themselves with top of the line flash hiders, muzzle brakes, thread adapters, sling attachment points, and so much more.

They have pushed their designs past the limits of a normal product to a level see mostly in custom made competition accessories. Their flash hiders are made of superior materials, and when attached to a rifle, deliver a level of flash suppression that I was surprised to see. Granted, I have seen a lot of products and used a lot of products, but these flash hiders and muzzle brakes are definitely hitting well above their weight.

For example, the AK Flash Suppressor (here- https://www.legionusa.com/ak-flash-suppressor-by-strela.html ) is a 3-pc design that's made in the Ukraine, and actually can be used with multiple calibers. You can use just this one flash suppressor for many of your rifles with its funnel inserts/adapters, and the adapters come with it! The Calibers you can use it with include: 5.45x39, 5.56x45, .223, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, .308. The AK flash suppressor is only 4.250 inches long, weighs in at just 8.4oz, and threads to the 24x1.5mm thread pattern most well known for being on the AK74 pattern rifles. It is also tuned to be used with Night Vision devices and helps to reduce sound by directing it at a 45 degree angle towards the target, instead of back towards the shooter like most muzzle brakes. Currently in use with the Ukrainian Military, and with a 95% Flash reduction rating, it is easy to see why this Strela flash suppressor is so sought after.

The next example I would like to show I the Sputnik Muzzle Brake. https://www.legionusa.com/ak-muzzle-brake-sputnik-by-strela.html The Sputnik is an interesting design in its makeup and it's construction. It is made of Russian 35ch GSA Mil-Spec Steel. When you see it attached to an AK74, it looks a bit bigger than the normal AK74 brake you're used to seeing, yet it's weight is lighter. Weighing in at a mere 5.4oz, and being only 3.250 inches long, the weight to muzzle braking capability is a surprise to say the least. When I took this brake to the range, I used the hottest loads I had for my 74, which were the hard steel core military 7N6 rounds, and to my surprise, I felt little to no muzzle rise. I ran a few slow semi auto shots to check the rise, and the Sputnik performed flawlessly. Then I went to a rapid fire semi auto stance and rapped off as many shots as I could, as fast as my semi auto trigger system would let me. Once again, there was very little, if any, muzzle rise. So I handed my AK-74 to my friend who's one of the guys that started "bump firing" and made it "famous". He took the AK-74 with the Sputnik, lined it up on his hip, and let it rip... Bump firing it as fast as an AK74 will go during a Bump-fire cycle. The full mag emptied super fast and yet, again, the muzzle barely rose at all. All but 3 rounds were counted in the target paper. Our theory is that his initial raps on the the trigger to start the bump fire are what took the 3 rounds that were unaccounted for off target.

Two incredible showings for the Strela Products Team. Needless to say, I am impressed and I will be adding more Strela gear to my AK's. I found these products to be worth every penny and I am sure you will too.

"Thanks for reading. Watch your six, keep 'em sharp, and keep your sights on target."

Written by: Dane Draven