Ilyin GK-01 muzzle brake for Vepr or Saiga shotgun

by Alexey Kruglov

The GK-01 Brake is known worldwide as the BEST muzzle brake for the Saiga-12 and the VEPR-12 semi auto shotguns for good reason. It reduces muzzle climb by a wide margin, and it helps balance the weapon which is especially important with shotguns because of their longer barrels. Threaded to the M22x0.75 so it can fit the Saiga-12 or the Vepr-12 and machined from forged aluminum, its ports are strategically cut to provide maximum release and cooling of gases while helping to keep the shooter on target. Used extensively for competition and by military and law enforcement, it is simply the best muzzle brake money can buy for the Saiga 12 and Vepr 12.

Founded in 1940, the MOLOT Factory was originally tasked with making one of the most well known firearms of WWII, the PPsh Machine Pistol or submachine gun. From 1950-1960, the MOLOT Factory was the only Russian factory making the 7.62 RPK, the AGS-17 Grenade Launchers, and the Stechkin APS 9mm Auto-Pistol. In 1994, MOLOT introduced their first semi-auto hunting rifle in 7.62x39mm, the VEPR, with many models to follow. The MOLOT factory has continued this tradition of excellence with their Kalashnikov pattern shotguns like the VEPR-12 and the highest quality muzzle brake and accessories such as the GK-01 Muzzle brake