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We offer a large selection of Russian knives manufacturers such as Zlatoust, Izhmash, Kizlyar and so on. We can buy hunting, folding, travel, tactical, throwing knives at an affordable price. All our products are guaranteed by the manufacturer, as well as numerous positive reviews of Russian buyers.

How to choose the right knife

The right choice of the knife - a science with lots of subtleties and nuances. But you should start with the principal - with purpose. Depending on the application, the following parameters are important:

  • the hardness of the blade;
  • flexibility and plasticity of the blade;
  • Blade resistance to impact / high temperature / corrosion;
  • the length and width of the blade;
  • blade shape;
  • material and a method for fixing the handle to the blade.

For example, a hunting knife is important hardness, blade shape and handle design and material. And for fishing - resistance to corrosion and flexibility. In addition, if you are running a knife at low or high temperatures, it is better to choose a model with a handle without external metal parts.

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