Strela is a Ukrainian company, established in 2012, as a small enterprise that produced parts and accessories for civilian firearms. Since tuning to pump guns and carbines on the basis of AK, Strela has constantly expanded its range and developed production.

Today the company offers a large line of various silencers, muzzle brakes compensators, flame arresters and even tuning to machine guns. Flame arrester Strela became an integral part of the equipment of a modern warrior, along with a helmet and body armour.

Strela also produces a large range of silencers for a variety of weapons. All silencers are completely made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 304, resistant to corrosion and temperature changes. In tests and in the course of further operation, the design of Strela silencers has shown high reliability and efficiency. Now the company's plans are various promising projects aimed at improving weapons, helping to make shooting more efficient and comfortable.

Steel 5.45 Suppressor Funnel Strela Save 14%
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