AIR Zlatoust Russian Admiral Dagger

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AIR Zlatoust Manufacturer
Made In Russia
Hand Made
Extremely Limited & Rare


SKU 001214
Accessories Case, passport, certificate, sheath
Blade Steel 40x10C2M
Description Russian Admiral Dagger
Finish/Color Polished & Engraved, Gold (999.0)
Handle/Color Russian Grab Wood
Manufacturer AIR Zlatoust
Model 33773
UPC Code 682821373398


Admiral dagger - a great gift for the person professionally engaged in military, as well as any man that interest in Russian NAVY.

Admiral Dagger ─ piercing cold weapon with a short double-edged straight blade. The Russian dagger became widespread at the end of the XVI century, and later it became the traditional weapon of officers of the Russian NAVY. For the first time historians mention the dagger as a personal weapon of Russian naval officers in the biography of Peter I, who liked to wear a naval dagger on a sling. The shape of Russian naval dagger was so exquisite, that the German Kaiser Wilhelm II was so delighted with it, that he ordered to make same style daggers for all of his naval officers. Also, back in the 80s of XIX century. Russian dagger style was borrowed by Japanese that made it look like a little samurai sword.

For more than a hundred years in up until 1917, the naval officers that went from ship to shore would carry dagger as part of uniform. Navel headquarters and schools officers were always required to carry a dagger in the service. In 1940, the dagger was finally approved as a personal weapon of the Navy Command.

AIR Zlatoust produces a variety of daggers for officers, admirals and generals in the different form of crosses, options are decoration of the blade and scabbard. Advantages of daggers from Company AIR ─ exceptional product quality, creativity and high artistic value, expense of manual labor and the rich traditions of the Zlatoust artists, gunsmiths and engravers.

Master gunsmith: Balakin A.

Artist: Parfentieva N.

Engraver: W. Sharafutdinov


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