AIR Zlatoust Knife Berkut

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AIR Zlatoust berkut
AIR Zlatoust Knife Berkut
360 AIR Zlatoust berkut AIR Zlatoust Knife Berkut
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SKU 001316
Blade Length 5.75"
Blade Steel 95x18 58-60 HRC
Blade Thickness 3.7 mm
Blade Width 1.25"
Finish/Color Polished & Engraved
Handle/Color Birch bark
Manufacturer AIR Zlatoust
Material Steel
Overall Length 10.5"
Sheath Leather sheath
UPC Code 682821373381
  • Camping
  • Everyday
  • Hunting
Weight 6.0 oz


AIR Zlatoust knife Berkut well suited for hunting, handle grip made from pieces of birch bark. The use of this material reduces the overall weight, balance of the knife and move toward the blade. With a knife you will be able to pass many kilometers over rough terrain, it is not feeling it at the waist. The center of gravity shifted to the blade allows you to cut bushes and small trees. Birch bark grip dampens chopping vibration. Sharp tip great for cleaning land and water prey.


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