RPK-74M Waffle 5.45x39 45rd Russian

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Molot Manufacturer
Soviet AK Surplus
Normally shipped with 48 hrs.
Extremely Limited & Rare


  • 5.45x39mm
Description Soviet Surplus
Finish/Color Black
Magazine Capacity 45 Rounds
Manufacturer Molot
Material Strike-proof reinforced polymer
Overall Length 11 inch
Weight 9.7 oz


RPK-74M Waffle AK 5.45x45mm magazine 45 round capacity. Rare Molot factory produced Russian Military AK74/RPK caliber 5.45x39mm 45 round magazines. Magazines are made for the AK74 and RPK74M rifle systems, but work very well on any AK rifle in 5.45x39mm caliber with bullet guide (Saiga, Arsenal, Vepr, etc). Russian Molot factory magazines are considered the best AK magazines ever produced. Magazines are light weight, metal lined and metal tabbed for extra strength.

NOTE: It is a Russian surplus issued condition will have some minor scratches or serial numbers.

Remember it is your responsibility to know your county and state laws, possession of of high capacity magazines in some states will have serious consequences .


Buy it...
Buy em now,
Infact buy 5!!!
Was completely coated in mud/dirt, which I believe turned out for the best. After some dove, warm water and soft bristle toothbrush scrub, looks like new and best of all turned out to be a dark plum. Thanks for the rare President's Day Sale as well. Legion is by far the best source.
More beat up than anticipated but still nice mag and very usable.
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