Kizlyar is the most recognisable manufacturer of knives, daggers and other accessories in Russia. For more than twenty years, the brand has delighted connoisseurs of knives all over the world.

The centuries-old traditions combined with modern processing methods make Kizlyar products for sale the standard of quality and style. In production, the only high-quality steel of own production of Russian and imported product is used. Most of the work is done manually. All products are individually processed.

In the range of Kizlyar's knives are presented different models: from aggressive "Military" in the black coating to art blades in ornament and silver. Such a variety of products makes them popular with tourists, hunters, law enforcement officers, military and collectors.

Kizlyar is a member of the Association "National Art Crafts of Russia" and a laureate of the program "100 best goods of Russia". The company has many times won a variety of competitions and exhibitions.

All products undergo mandatory certification and are sold with a lifetime warranty for factory marriage.

Kizlyar Knife "Katanga-2" Save 21%
$89.00 $69.95
Kizlyar Knife Taiga. Engraved. Save 33%
$134.00 $89.95
Kizlyar Knife "Pechora-2" Save 18%
$105.00 $85.95
Kizlyar Knife "Capercaillie". Gluhar Save 38%
$129.00 $79.54
Kizlyar Knife "Khazar". Engraved Save 24%
$99.00 $74.95
Kizlyar Knife "Taiga" Save 10%
$89.00 $79.99
Kizlyar Knife Kolyma Save 34%
$125.00 $82.55
Kizlyar Knife "NR-19". Save 20%
$74.00 $58.95
Kizlyar Dager "KKV". Silver Plating. Save 52%
$550.00 $264.95
Kizlyar Knife Finka "LEGEND". Save 32%
$155.00 $104.95
Kizlyar Knife "ISMA"  H12MF (Х12МФ) Save 19%
$160.00 $129.95
Kizlyar knife "SH-5". Etched. Save 26%
$89.00 $65.55
Kizlyar Knife Combat. Polished Save 19%
$109.00 $87.99
Kizlyar Knife "KO-2". Camo. Save 25%
$99.00 $74.55
Kizlyar Knife "Irtysh-2". Polished. Save 25%
$79.00 $58.95
Kizlyar Knife "Irtysh-2" Stonewash. Save 25%
$79.00 $58.95
Kizlyar Knife "Kite". "Korshun-3" Save 27%
$99.00 $72.45
Kizlyar Folding Knife "SCOUT" Save 24%
$30.00 $22.95
Kizlyar Folding Knife "KO" Save 55%
$99.99 $44.95
Kizlyar Knife "SH-4" Save 23%
$88.00 $67.55
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