Kizlyar Shashka TKV-1 "Utop". Melchior

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Kizlyar Shashka TKV-1 "Utop". Melchior
Kizlyar Shashka TKV-1 "Utop". Melchior Kizlyar Shashka TKV-1 "Utop". Melchior Kizlyar Shashka TKV-1 "Utop". Melchior Kizlyar Shashka TKV-1 "Utop". Melchior
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Kizlyar Manufacturer
Made In Russia
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Russian Cold Weapon


SKU 001920
Blade Length 750 мм
Blade Steel 50 x 14 MF steel (55-57 HRC) Corrosion Resistant
Blade Thickness 5.6mm
Blade Width 1.25 inch
Finish/Color Polished
Handle/Color Melchior
Manufacturer Kizlyar
Manufacturer Part # 04021 model 011123 #1847
Overall Length 970 мм
Sheath Wood with Leather and Melchior
UPC Code 681565047480
  • Combat


The Cossack saber of the Caucasian type, richly decorated with cast elements of melchior. On the saber's blade there are traditional valleys. Saber's blade has one-sided sharpening and a sharp tip. The saber is equipped with submersible sheath. The hilt of the saber has a special form, which makes it possible to remove the saber from the scabbard. The blade is made of steel 50H14MF, which has high resistance to corrosion. Saber's blade has a quenching zone, which provides greater mechanical strength when performing cutting. Special attention should be paid to the device sheath. The mouth and the tip have an increased size, traditional for sabers of this type. All elements of the devices are made of melchior and decorated with chasing.

Daggers and swords of "Kizlyar" - this is not an imitation product, but the real serialized battle weapons. All daggers, sword and shashka are made in compliance with their historic background. Battle Cossack swords and daggers, presented by Kizlyar factory, are cold weapons. Blade of daggers and swords runs through the entire length of the handle.

This is a custom hand made saber. Thus, not all of them are identical.

Please note, that the actual saber appearance may be different then the image in the picture.

Due to nature of this product, there would be no returns accepted. No exceptions.



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