AIR Zlatoust Machete Kukri Cork

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Kukri Cork Grip
AIR Zlatoust Machete Kukri Cork
360 Kukri Cork Grip AIR Zlatoust Machete Kukri Cork
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SKU 001627
Blade Length 11.0 inch
Blade Steel 50x14MF HRC 56-57
Blade Thickness 6mm
Blade Width 2.0 inch
Finish/Color Polished & Engraved
Handle/Color Russian Birch Cork
Manufacturer AIR Zlatoust
Material Steel HRC 56-57
Overall Length 16 inch
Sheath Leather sheath
UPC Code 682821373534
  • Combat
  • Everyday
  • Survival
Warranty 100% Replacement if DOD.
Weight 1.2 Lb


AIR Zlatoust Jungle machete Kukri - traditional forms for Kukri curved blade, sharpened on both sides with Cork grip. Impressive knife with a large blade, variable blade width, with a 6 mm thickness. For stiffness blade reinforced with two machined grooves. Knife is good for bones butchering. The blade has a variable angle of sharpening that allows it be use for chopping a s well as for cutting. Unique design allows it be used as an ax. The center of gravity of the blade is shifted closer to the tip of the blade due to its variable width, which contributes to efficient chop. Large grip feels excellent in any hand and it has a hole in the pommel for Lanyard, grip made of Cork and Cork oil is know as a natural antiseptic. Kukri as Katana, has a unique design that provides its outstanding features that have survived to our time with the XIV-XV centuries almost unchanged. Kukri was part of a set of weapons invincible Gurkhas and was used in the face to face fight, as machete, shovel, hatchet, etc. Kukri Knife is must have knife on any trip.

AIR Kukri, not only its a weapon and handy tool, but its also a work of art.


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