Vepr/Saiga 12 Sutaev Muzzle Brake

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Sutaev Muzzle brake
Vepr/Saiga 12 Sutaev Muzzle Brake
360 Sutaev Muzzle brake Vepr/Saiga 12 Sutaev Muzzle Brake
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Red Heat Manufacturer
Made In Russia
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Product code 001137
Accessories Locking Nut Included
  • 12 Gauge
Finish/Color Black
Manufacturer Red Heat
Material Steel
Overall Length 4.75 inch
Weight 9.9 oz


Muzzle Brake Compensator SUTAEV 100% made in Russia This product is different from it counterparts of other manufacturers. Smaller size and weight makes it look more streamline. When properly installed On Vepr 12 or Saiga 12, muzzle brake compensator helps significantly reduce the recoil and muzzle rise, that helps to improve accuracy during speed fire. This product is very popular with athletes-shooters, especially the owners of shotguns caliber 12 families "Vepr" and "Saiga". Muzzle brake SUTAEV can be installed on externally threaded barrel. To lock muzzle brake compensator on the barrel in the right position it is necessary to tighten the nut (included).

Can be used in conjunction with any 12ga chokes.

It fits looks very nice on the Vepr 12, Saiga 12, DDI-12 (CHITAH) and Kalshnikov USA 12GA shotguns.


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