Universal Rifle Sling. "DUTY M-3" (ДОЛГ M-3) by Tactical Decisions. Coyote Tan .A-TACS AU

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Made in Russia
Tactical Decisions Manufacturer
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Used by Russian and Ukrainian Military


SKU 002379
Finish/Color Coyote Tan. Pad: A-TACS AU
Manufacturer Tactical Decisions
Manufacturer Part # "Duty M-3" Universal Sling. Coyote Tan/A-TACS AU
UPC Code 688201231876
Weight 350g


Instructions (manual_dolg-m3-universal-ru_web.pdf, 1,426 Kb) [Download]



This UNIVERSAL sling is a combination of the advantages of three-point, two-point and one-point weapon sling systems.

Universal sling "DUTY M3" gives you complete freedom of action, which no other weapon sling gives!

The sling allows the user in one movement to transfer the weapon from the transport position to the patrol or combat position and vice versa, while the sling itself remains stationary on the user's body.

In the transport position, it provides a snug fit of the weapon to the body. Hands are free.

In an intermediate, patrol position, the sling relieves the load from the hands and allows you to instantly throw the weapon to a strong shoulder for an aimed shot. When used on the left shoulder, allows one-handed control of the weapon.

In the firing position, the sling completely releases the weapon, which allows shifting to a "weak" shoulder, shooting upward or from a prone position.

The sling has a buckle for emergency dumping of the weapon.

The interchangeable design of the sling allows you to change the attachment elements to the weapon.

The sling is made of high quality, carefully selected and tested materials and accessories.

The sling kit includes a soft expansion pad.

The sling converts to two-point or one-point mode. This allows you to use the sling on any type of weapon.

Biathlon carrying of weapons is available.

Universal sling "DUTY M3" is intended for:

- Assault rifles;

- Semi-automatic smooth-bore weapons with magazine feed;

- Pump-action smooth-bore weapons;

- Submachine guns and special small-sized assault rifles;

- Sniper rifles and hunting rifled carbines;

- Light machine guns and grenade launchers.


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