Tactical Gloves "Hunter" By Red Heat

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Made in Russia
Red Heat Manufacturer
Carbon Inlays
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SKU 000513
Manufacturer Red Heat
UPC Code 683258623599

Red Heat tactical gloves “Hunter” developed with advanced technologies and unique design. Great for training or combat situation, protective accessory to shooter of any level




Sizes: L(US)-XXL, M(US)- XL

Carbon fiber knuckle protection

Rubber patches for finger protection.

Anti-shock USBR pad combined with 3M anti overheat protection materials (best anti-shock and anti-heat protection)

Velcro adjustment strip to insure best fit.

Touch PU material - touch screen friendly

Microfiber advanced insulation

Integrated Terry for wiping off the sweat.


I got these gloves thinking they would be "Meh!"
gloves,but I was surprised.
Purchased XXL size,shipped quick,nicley package. They look great, good quality,snug fit
On my hands. Great knuckle protection.
They look more like motorcycle gloves, with the
Exception of "Weapon Accessories" on the wrist area.
I have been wearing em almost everyday in 10 Degree weather for a month, and I love em.
For cell use, they are great for answering calls (S5 Samsung) But are a hit/miss on texting.
For shooting its great..Reloading it depends,
On ARs its easy to reload mags, on both semi/pump its fine,if you push the shell to much it can get caught.reloading the Vepr54r mags is hard, reloading a SKS BY HAND is hard,the gloves would get caught...with Clips its easy.
All this is at a outside range with about 15 Degree weather.
Overall I love the gloves,great purchase, of you have big hands get the XXL size. They where snug for me. I wear em everyday and no signs of wear so far.

Thanks Legion
So Ive owed these Gloves for over a month now & wore en almost everyday.
Shipped quick,nicely package and they look great.
With the exception of it saying "weapon accessories" on the wrist area
They actually look more like motorcycle gloves...

Anyways, I got the XXL size, nice fit for big hands. Quality is a lot better then I thought, nicley paded on the palm area, great knuckle protection.where I live its about 15 outside they keep my hands warm.

They work ok with my S5 cell, I use my index finger more then my thumb with em on though.

For shooting there great, for reloading mags
Its easy and hard....its hard for Vepr54r single stack mags because of the Round rimmed cartridge...and the gloves would get caught when I reload a SKS BY HAND, NOT by Using a clip.
However for reloading AR/handguns its good.
I had no problems reloading shotguns both 870/semi autos...All this is outside mind you.

Overall they are a great buy...
Snug Fit, looks cool,keeps ya worm, great for answering your cell, hit or miss for txting. good for shooting,reloading for the most part..I drive several thousand miles a month so wearing em for a long time is great.

Thanks Legion
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