Saiga 12Ga Gas Puck by Tapco

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Saiga 12 gas puc
Saiga 12Ga Gas Puck by Tapco
360 Saiga 12 gas puc
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Made In USA
Tapco Manufacturer
922R Compliant Part
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SKU 000634
  • 12 Gauge
Manufacturer Tapco
UPC Code 683258624985

Russian shotguns are fun and full of fury, but do not forget to stay 922R compliant when customizing your shotgun. This Tapco US made Gas Puck is one of the easiest ways to keep your shotgun compliant. The piston is made of heat treated 1740 Stainless Steel, to withstand a lifetime of usage. This is also an exact copy of the factory gas puck. DO not install a lesser alternative into your high quality shotgun. This gas puck will work with a Saiga 12 IZ-109 with manual regulated system ONLY.


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