CRC 7U001. Mosin Nagant Chassis-Handguard by "KPYK". O.D.Green

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CRC 7U001. Mosin Nagant Chassis-Handguard by "KPYK". O.D.Green
CRC 7U001. Mosin Nagant Chassis-Handguard by "KPYK". O.D.Green CRC 7U001. Mosin Nagant Chassis-Handguard by "KPYK". O.D.Green CRC 7U001. Mosin Nagant Chassis-Handguard by "KPYK". O.D.Green
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"KPYK" Manufacturer
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SKU 002323
  • 7.62x54R
Finish/Color O.D.Green
Fit Mosin–Nagant
Manufacturer KPYK
Manufacturer Part # CRC 7U001 Cerakote O.D.Green
Material Aluminum alloy 7075 and 6082
UPC Code 682821374517


Instructions CRC 7U001 (7U001.pdf, 887 Kb) [Download]


In 2015, "KRYK" team embarked on an ambitious project to create a modern tuning package for more than one hundred years old Mosin-Nagant rifle.

Why did they choose the Mosin?

Because it is one of the hardest for such tuning of rifles and of course - because we can!

The basic tasks was:

Task 1 - to bring ergonomics and ease of use of a century-old rifle to the standards of modern weapons.

Task 2 - to realize the demount-able magazine.

Task 3 - give an opportunity in the presence of a good barrel for an affordable price to get an accurate rifle.

Product features:

Strong octagonal handguard with additional ribs for ultimate strength

M-LOK ™ interface for mounting various accessories

Compatible with AR type pistol grips

Buttstock is attached to a standard AR-type thread

Using V-shaped bedding technology

Compatibility with third-party triggers


a. Chassis - aluminium alloy 7075 Т651.

b. Handguard - aluminium alloy 6082 T6.

Production method - milling

In all hard loaded threads, we use special steel inserts that increase the possible tightening power of the screws and increase the life of the thread itself.

We use Cerakote two-component ceramic coating for maximum protection of the surface.

In the all sets of our products screws with a class of strength not lower than 10.9. We don't use low-strength soft materials

In the complete set of CRC 7U001:

1. Chassis - aluminum alloy 7075 T651.

2. Handguard - aluminum alloy 6082 T6. Handguard has M-Lok accessories mounts. The kit includes 3 rails length of 80mm.

This chassis accepts ProMag Archangel magazine.

The buttstock shown is HERE.

NOTE: The kit only includes the chassis-handguard and 3 Picatinny rails.

The buttstock, magazine, scope mount and other accessories are purchased separately.


The problem with a magazine that can not be inserted, appears quite often. There are several reasons, but besides the fact that some magazines themselves are not always the same size, and unfortunately there are no others, since Promag is the only one who makes them.

The Mosin rifles themselves are very different due to the fact that they were made by a huge number of factories.

The issue, most likely, in the abutment of the magazine against the cutoff reflector. The magazine itself needs to be trimmed as it shown in the photo attached.

But it is VERY STRONGLY recommended pruning in increments of no more than 0.25 mm, and after pruning, try to see if the magazines latches. The fact is that there are rifles on which you do not need to cut anything at all, but there are those that need to be cut by 4 mm.


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