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Magpul sexiness.
My 54R baby
Mine Vepr 7.62X39
Here is my favorite shotgun. I love the muzzle brake I got from Legion USA
Dragunov Tiger with latest Izhmash, Russia stock set
Legion USA
Ak art bought from artist base45
Vepr 308 Square Back (20" barrel). POSP 4-10x42, SVDS butt stock, Molot pistol grip, Tapco FCG, Csspecs mags, Ultimak gas tube, Bison muzzle brake, Carolina Shooters hand guard.
Polytech Legend, SLR-95, SGL-21 (Russian Red), SGL-21 (American Classic), Tactical SA-93
Silver 8" s12 Brake works very well indeed!!
8" saiga 12 with custom buttstock and folder mech.

Billet verticle grip / billet handguard with rail / tank brake / H&K sights / galil charging handle. Built by saigatechusa 2007
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