AK-74S / AKMS Folding Stock Original USSR Production Gun Bag

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AK Gun Bag
AK Gun Bag AK bag
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Original USSR
Russian Surplus
AK-74/AKMS Floding Stock


SKU 000506
  • 7.62x39mm
  • 5.45x39mm
  • .223 Rem (5.56x45mm)
  • 7.62x35mm 300 AAC Blackout
Fit AK-74/AKMS Folding
Manufacturer Soviet Surplus
Overall Length 29"
UPC Code 683258623629

Original USSR production gun bag for AK-74S / AKMS with a Folding Stock.


Will fit AK-74 Folding Stock, AKMS (S=Folding Stock).

Length: 29"


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