AK47 RPK 75rd Drum Russian 7.62x39

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Russian Military Surplus
Made In Russia
Genuine RPK
Normally Shipped Within 24hrs.
Extremely Limited
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SKU 001249
  • 7.62x39mm
Finish/Color Black
Magazine Capacity 75 rounds
Manufacturer Soviet Surplus
Material Steel
UPC Code 681565042195
Weight 1.1 lb


Russian RPK 75-round drum is a desirable accessory for almost any AK owner, it is very rare and expensive, especially in light of today’s political climate. The Soviet drum is often more expensive than the similar Chinese 75 and 100-round drums, and at one time was almost impossible to obtain. For the first time its available at Legion USA. Quantities are very limited, and we may not import them any more.

Fits any AK in 7.62x39mm caliber with bullet guide.

NOTE: most of the drums have stamped serial numbers on the them.


GRADE B. Some scratches and rust might be present.


Fits Vepr,Arsenal Perfectly..
However will NOT FIT Galil ACE.
Beautiful for Collection or for Use at the Range!!
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