AK47/AKM Buttstock Russian. Light Refinish.

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Genuine Russian
Soviet Army Surplus
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SKU 001360
  • 7.62x39mm
  • 5.45x39mm
Finish/Color Light Brown
Manufacturer Soviet Surplus
UPC Code 681565042867


AK47/AKM Buttstock Russian. Light Refinish.


Legion USA shipped it fast! It's exactly as described. Perfect condition once you clean the cosmoline like grease off. Pictures do not do it justice. I am very happy with the stock. I would order another if I needed one.
Just got my stock and it’s better than described. Color is very nice in sunlight. I just ordered a second one. Get this while they have it in stock.
This stock is mint condition and even better looking than the listing. Nice wood and military shellac finish. It is medium darker brown and has that nice shimmer in sunlight that laminate wood has. Covered with cosmoline-like grease film but wiped off easily after a little sun. Very nice.
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