Russian Vepr 12 Shotgun

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Vepr 12 Shotgun
360 Vepr 12 Shotgun
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Made in Russia
Molot Manufacturer
5 Round Magazine
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  • 12 Gauge
Manufacturer Molot
Caliber12 Gauge
Magazine capacity5+1 Russian OEM Molot
Overall length 38.75 Inches
Barrel length19" Chrome-lined
Twist rateSmooth bore
Overall weight 8.16
StockTubular Non-Folding
Warranty1 year manufacturer warranty


Not everybody knows the history behind family of the semiautomatic smooth-bore shotguns Vepr-12 of Molot plant. Initially the Vepr-12 was made at Izhevsk Machine-Building factory then drawings were transferred to "Molot" where Vepr-12 expanded to whole family of smooth-bore semiautomatic guns. Later passing the way for Saiga-12 030 Taktika.

The shotgun (carbine) Vepr-12 is created by rather new development on Molot plant (Vyatskie Polyany). As a direct competitor for widely popular in Russia Saiga series shotgun the main purpose of new gun is sports (practical shooting under rules of IPSC), and also protection of the house and security personal. The Vepr-12 is the good weapon of support for militia and other armed divisions.

Base design for the Vepr 12 was based on Kalashnikov machinegun or RPK that was tested with time and produced at the Molot factory, but in their engineers considered the requests of shooters-athletes, and additional elements were introduced to the shotgun - a double side safety lock, magazine well, last round bolt hold open, etc. These Vepr-12 series are issued in four configurations with different barrel length; 305mm, 420mm, 520mm, and 680mm.

The smooth-bore Vepr-12's inherited the general configuration of machinegun (RPK) Kalashnikov, with gas venting mechanism and locking bolt carrier. Naturally, carrier group and a receiver were redesigned. The use of hunting ammunition, trigger group bolt automatic release, the self-regulating gas mechanism allows to shoot 2 ¾ or 3 inch ammo without additional adjustments. Aiming adaptations from Kalashnikov AK, with adjustable front and rear sight installed on the gas tube. The receiver cover is hinged and opens up-forward, as on the AKS-74U machinegun. In addition cover of a receiver has welded Picatinny rail allowing for fast and convenient installation of various optical sights. Feeding of ammunition is accomplished by utilizing plastic single-row magazine with a capacity 4-8 cartridges, bolt hold lock system was integrated in all shotgun configurations, allowing for bolt carrier to be locked in open position after discharging last round (for quick magazine reloading). Butt stock is metal, skeletal design with rotating sideways cheek rest. Outside the buttstock is covered with plastic for comfort of firing in hot or cold temperatures. Handguard and gas tube has an additional directional Picatinny rail for installation of laser, tactical light or any other accessory.


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