Vepr 12 Sport Shotgun

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Manufactured by Molot
Made In Russia
Limited Edition
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Barrel Length 19" Chrome-lined
  • 12 Gauge
Description Molot GK-02 Brake
Finish/Color Factory Black
Magazine Capacity 5 rounds
Manufacturer Molot
Overall Length 43.25 inch
Sights Iron Adjustable
Stock Tubular Non-Folding
Type of Barrel Chrome Lined
UPC Code 682821372407
Warranty 1 year Legion USA warranty
Weight 9.6 lb


The Vepr 12 shotgun is a great platform for further modification. Everything that we have done to this shotgun has been done with the competition shooter in mind. The combination of these modifications result in quicker reload times, faster target acquisition, and follow up shots giving the shooter the competitive edge. We started with the most modern and effective muzzle brake the GK-02, which is the standard for most competition shooters in Russia. The milled aluminum magwell has been fitted allowing magazines to easily drop from the shotgun, and the flared portion allows for the new magazine to be inserted without any friction. We have also been able to source the extremely rare quick release magazine latch which can been pressed with you thumb. The OEM trigger group has been upgraded to ALG trigger resulting in a sort and light pull, your finger has to move a much shorter distance during rapid firing. original handguard was also upgraded with Russian sport handguard that features slim profile.

The Vepr 12 shotgun made by Russian “Molot” manufacturer is known for it's reliability and non-failure operation in any weather condition that nature can throw at it, with disregard to the type of ammunition that you use. The Vepr 12 shotgun is a great choice for gun competition, home defense, security, or just shooting at the range. All Vepr rifles and shotguns are based off of the RPK design, so they feature a thicker barrel and receiver than the Saiga counterpart. The self-regulating gas system of this shotgun works by utilizing the energy of vented gases from barrel vent ports in a gas chamber to cycle the action. Thanks to this innovation the use of 2 ¾ or 3 inch ammunition is possible. Also it does not require manual adjustment settings, in comparison with a base model Saiga 12. Cartridge chambering into the barrel is accomplished by movement of rotating bolt inside of the shotgun frame. The trigger group mechanism is a cocking type to provide single shot and safety lock. The safety lock is bilateral with two levers located on the right side of a receiver, and one lever on the left side. This allows for ergonomic engagement of the safety, without having to take you hand off of the pistol grip. Barrel, cartridge chamber and gas chamber are chrome lined for increase of corrosion resistance. Other parts of the shotgun also receive special treatment that guarantee a long service of the weapon. Open sights consist of sighting rail that is windage and elevation adjustable, and an front sight that can be regulated. The front sight is mounted on top of gas chamber. The receiver cover is attached to the frame and it is hinged, thanks to this design opening and closing the cover is much easier than a standard AK-based firearm. You don’t need to remove optics to get to the action of the shotguns. The skeletal buttstock has a rubber shock absorber, adjustable cheek rest that assists for convenience in aiming and firing of shotgun. It is also angled for a comfortable hold while firing. All of these features allow the shooter the focus more on staying on target. OEM magazines on are completely interchangeable from gun to gun, meaning no additional manipulation needed if you borrow your friends magazine. Magazine loading and unloading operation is easy thank you to constructed magazine well. Vepr 12 works well with a US made magazine, but we recommend to get OEM magazines for flawless operation.


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