Russian Military AK Bayonet Type-1 Soviet Era

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AK Russian Bayonet
Russian Military AK Bayonet Type-1 Soviet Era
360 AK Russian Bayonet
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Made in Russia
USSR Surplus
Genuine Military
Type-1 Bayonet


Manufacturer Izhmash
UPC Code 683258623445

Russian surplus bayonet for Ak-47 rifles. Issued in service to USSR army in 1959 with AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Official model name bayonet knife 6х3. It is an advanced lighter version of a R.M. Todorov experimental bayonet model 6Х2 . General public considers bayonet model 6x3 as a type one and 6x4 type two bayonet.

This bayonet design was successfully used till 1978, and later was replaced by bayonet knife model 6Х3 for the AK-74 machine gun.

Please Note: This is surplus bayonets color and manufacture marking varies. For hand pick services additional $20


Total length: 270 mm

Blade length: 150 mm

Blade width: 30 mm

Internal diameter of the Ring in a crosspiece: 17.7 mm


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