Russian AK47 Waffle 7.62x39mm magazine

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Soviet Surplus
Made in Russia
Genuine Russian Military
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SKU 001248
  • 7.62x39mm
Description Mil-Spec Russian
Finish/Color Military Issued
Magazine Capacity 30 Rounds
Manufacturer Soviet Surplus
UPC Code 681565042188


These rare AK47 Russian Aluminium magazines, Waffle pattern, this magazines were issued and then returned back for storage. Will have pain chips and scratches. Magazine 100% functional. Return and exchange will only be accepted if magazine is no working.

Quantities are very limited. Genuine Russian military surplus magazine.

Great addition to any AK collection.

Aluminium magazine for Kalashnikov assault rifle. Limited production was made of aluminum for AKMS rifles that was used by Russian Airborne Trooper Force.

Made for AK 7.62x39mm caliber.

Fits any AK47 type rifle with bullet guide. Very durable Military grade product.

True Russian military memorabilia.


It's brand new. No marks on the follower. Body is perfect. Inside was a little dusty but no marks, no rust, nothing. It's brand new, and totally awesome. When I first got it I thought they hosed me because it was so light it had to be plastic. It's such a trip; such a neat magazine.
These mag's are great. I will do more business with Legion USA!
Mags arrived in very nice shape, steel springs not rusted which is uncommon for these mags since the interaction of the different metals often leads to corrosion.
Mag I got was perfect. Ever so slight amount of finish missing from what looks like being put in a rifle once or twice. Other than that it looks like it was hand picked from the assembly line.
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