Molot products is no longer importable.

by Alexey Kruglov
Molot products is no longer importable.

There seemed to be a lot of confusion about US Sanctions against Russia, and we are getting a lot of questions about it. I’ll briefly explain the situation.

2014 US imposes sanctions against Russia for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and for stealing the assets of the Ukrainian people.(You can read more information by clicking on this link) There is a list of companies and individuals that were directly affected by this executive order. Throughout the last three years that list has exponentially grown, many more Russian companies and officials were added to it.

What is happening now. As we all know Izhmash (Russia’s biggest firearm manufacturer) was sanctioned in the first round of this process. Automatically all products manufactured by Izhmash are no longer importable to the United States. In the latest sanction expansion Molot-Oruzhie was added to the list of companies that are directly or indirectly involved in the above-mentioned conflict.

As a result, Saiga and Vepr firearms and accessories manufactured by Izhmash and Molot-Oruzhie are no longer importable into the USA. Saiga and Vepr are not banned, it’s simply not importable as long as sanctions are in place. And since Russia not planning on abandoning Crimean Peninsula it is unlikely that sanctions will be lifted.

There is another round of sanctions being discussed by US government for punishing Russia for meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. Outcome of it is unknown to me at this time.

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Legion was bringing Russian "toys" via their Ukrainian mob connection and selling them to us , but when "toys" were banned -they started to feed CNN BS to us . Waukeup Legion .
This story is complete bullshit. The U.S staged a coup to overthrow a democratically elected government. And to the guy referring to invading Russia. Those were different times. Hitler invaded Russia because Stalin was planning on invading Germany so Hitler went on the offense to stop this from happening this was essential to keep Stalin from spreading communism throughout Europe. P.S Putin is not playing ball wit the central banks. this is another reason why our Zionist government hates him
Russia has been invaded by the Europeans seven times in the last 400 years. They always come through the Ukraine and across the Crimea. Ya can't blame them for securing the base at Sevastopol. I can't believe that they even talk to the Germans and the French. Just sayin'
I've been trying to find surplus spam cans of 54R ammo. It used to be cheap and plentiful. Did sanctions effect availability?
Legion is not asserting the truth or falsity of the governments basis for sanctions. Legion is expanding the rationale.
Stop feeding us this liberal agenda. Hitlary Clinton's own actions cost her the election and the dems are trying to make us believe it's someone else's fault. Tired of hearing Russia here Rusiia there, it's a convenient scapegoat, I get it, but pick a new one already. Good thing I got my Vepr before these shenanigans.
It's a pitty , your governors there in US, are so idiots.
These arms are small diamonds .
In Greece we buy them in... double price than you , anyway.
So, the VEPR I bought a couple of weeks ago just doubled in price!
So does this mean that the prices for these weapons will be on the rise? Thankfully I already own a few ( Molot Vepr 12 gauge & Vepr Oruzhie 5.45 ) but always looking to add more of these fine quaility weapons to my arsenal ..
The offender should be punished. this 2X2=4
I think it is time to contact our senators and congressmen about this. It's just too convenient for the gun grabbers to ban our favorite carbines!

The other point I wanted to make is that the Russians did not change anybodies' vote. Hillary's own sleazy actions did that!
Russia meddling with U.Still elections? Fake news. Stop spreading your CNN propaganda.
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