M4 Mil-spec Buffer Tube UTG Pro

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UTG AR Buffer Tube
M4 Mil-spec Buffer Tube UTG Pro
360 UTG AR Buffer Tube
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Made In USA
UTG Leapers Manufacturer
Color Black
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  • 7.62x39mm
  • 7.62x54R
  • 5.45x39mm
  • .223 Rem (5.56x45mm)
  • .308 Win (7.62x51mm)
  • 12 Gauge
  • 7.62x35mm 300 AAC Blackout
  • .410
UPC Code 682821371158

M4 6-position extension buffer tube. Build to the highest industry standard for most serious users.


Mil-spec Diameter.

Black Hard Anodizing Finish

Rolled threads for robust connection with receiver. 


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