CRC 5002/9033 Folding Telescopic Buttstock with Cheek Riser for AK based rifles. Armor Black by "KPYK"

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"KPYK" Manufacturer
Made In Ukraine
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SKU 002181
  • 7.62x39mm
  • 5.45x39mm
Finish/Color Armor Black
Manufacturer KPYK
Manufacturer Part # CRC 5002/9033 Cerakote Armor Black
UPC Code 681565050077
Weight 391 grams


Instructions (instr-5002-9033.pdf, 1,690 Kb) [Download]


CRC 5002/9033 is a folding telescopic buttstock with a cheek elevator for AK rifles:

1 - Weight of only 391 grams. It's only 65 grams heavier than a standard plastic stock.

2 - Length - from 17.5 cm to 22 cm

3 - Maximum lift of the cheek-rest - 2 cm, overall it has 4 positions.

4 - Butt pad is adjustable in height +/- 3 cm.

5 - Has a regular mount for attaching the belt to the sling and to the QD.

6 - The construction uses aluminum and polyamide.

7 - 90% of parts are milled from solid aluminum bars.

Compatibility List:

other civil versions of AKМ, AK-74with fixed buttstock

PLEASE, Check out the attachment file for the instructions.


Set up on a Polish WBP, solid fit, no modification needed. Very smooth feel, lots of cheek riser and length of pull options. Fold doesn't have any tension, so its only really good for transporting. Adds next to no weight, didn't change the balance of the rifle at all. Very slim profile. Used it to replace an AR15 stock that came with the WBP. Will be getting a second one in the future.
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