Cheek Riser For AK Stock

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Made in Ukraine
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  • 7.62x39mm
  • 7.62x54R
  • 5.45x39mm
  • .223 Rem (5.56x45mm)
  • .308 Win (7.62x51mm)
  • 12 Gauge
  • 7.62x35mm 300 AAC Blackout
  • .410
Manufacturer Military Equipment
Material Leather and steel
UPC Code 683258623063


Assembly Pictures (Assembly_Inst.pdf, 4,266 Kb) [Download]


Adjustable cheek riser for AK stock. This device will increase comfort and aiming capability when installed on the following types of the weapons: Saiga, AKMS, Vulcan, Vepr 12. Also can be installed on other types of rifles and shotguns, with frame or tubular butt stock. It is suitable for operating with an open or optical sights. Use of a cheek riser considerably improves weapon ergonomics. Can be adjusted in all directions, cheek rise is 1.6 inches.

This device is actively used by professional shooters of IPSC.

A must have accessory for AK-100 metal frame buttstock owners.


This is a great option, using it with my Obzor. Fits a standard triangle fine, the CNC Warrior stock is a little wide, had to drill holes in it. Fit my 86' Tula and AKS fine though. Fit and finish were good.
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