Russian AK47 7.62x39 Bakelite Magazine

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Izhmash/Tula Manufacturer
Made in Russia
Red Army Surplus
Normally Shipped Within 24hrs.
Best Mil-Spec AK Magazine
Price Match Guarantee


  • 7.62x39mm
Description Genuine Russian
Finish/Color Orange
Magazine Capacity 30 Rounds
Manufacturer Tula/Izhmash
Manufacturer Soviet Surplus
Material Bakelite
UPC Code 683258623216
Warranty 100% Replacement if DOD.


These rare Russian AK bakelite magazines are a great addition to any AK collection.

Russian made surplus magazine. Condition is very good.

100% Guaranty to be authentic or your money back

30 round capacity.

Made for AK 7.62x39mm caliber.

Made out of very durable material Bakelite. Used by Russian military.

NOTE: We do not offer hand-pick services, this is military surplus some magazine may have scratches from transport, its is mixed batch of TULA and Izhmash.


Great mags! Bought two, loved them, bought two more! All Izzies, but all very nice.
Excellent Russian surplus magazines. Ordered two to see the quality and received two Izmash mags in great shape. Ordered two more and asked for Tula Mags and two arrived in excellent shape. Would buy more but they are sold out. Thanks for great customer service Legion!
These are fantastic, authentic Bakelite AK-47 magazines which add historic authenticity to any AK rifle. The one I received was in very good condition, with minimal use or wear of any kind. It had a minute amount of wear at the top from being inserted in a magazine well, but it's not visible when inserted and still functions flawlessly. The lower section of the magazine has the attractive, reddish-brown bakelite pattern and is in beautiful condition. I am very happy with Legion USA's service, the magazine condition and function, and recommend these magazines to all historic AK aficionados.
These Russian bakelite mags, and Bulgarian ((10)) mags are the best polymer AK mags you can get. These fit great in all my rifles, even the couple that I know are a little out of spec. They're tough and nails, and look cool as hell. Every AK owner needs at least a few of these awesome mags.
I ordered this bakelite hoping to get a Tula to match my 1968 matching Tula AKM, and sure enough I did! Magazine is excellent, Thank you Legion I will absolutely order from again, also quick shipping and responses!
I ordered one expecting an average as used Izhevsk mag or something else, but I ended up receiving an unissued 2nd pattern Tula magazine. Mine did have the wire block limiting it to 9-10 rounds, but that was nothing a pair of bolt cutters couldn't solve.
Great examples of quality Bakelite mags, even better service from Legion.
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