AK47/AKM Buttstock Russian Un-issued

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Genuine Russian
Soviet Army Surplus
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  • 7.62x39mm
  • 5.45x39mm
Finish/Color Light Brown
Manufacturer Soviet Surplus


Original wood buttstock for the Russian AKM/AK47 rifle, with hardware, un-issued in excellent condition. Actual product picture. Obtained from Russian Arsenal, buttstocks covered with some kind of residue that can easily be removed with WD40. All hardware included. Not sure on the markings, we attached picture of it, but its very faint to be conclusive.


This stock is mint condition and even better looking than the listing. Nice wood and military shellac finish. It is medium darker brown and has that nice shimmer in sunlight that laminate wood has. Covered with cosmoline-like grease film but wiped off easily after a little sun. Very nice.
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