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Knives and Bayonets

Bayonet - cold piercing weapons, adjacent to the rifle barrel (rifle, carbine, machine) for bayonet fighting. It can also be worn on a belt. Bladed bayonet knives in shape and a cross-section of the blade divided into four groups, namely.

Samples with single-edged blades monocots. Most of these models are the tip of the blade is on the middle line, which ensures maximum penetration on impact into the soft tissue.

Models of the bayonet knives with single-edged blades of a T-shaped cross-section. Bayonet knife with two blades, sometimes you can hear more of this name as a bayonet-knives. The blades of these models can be asymmetrically or symmetrically two blades. If it is asymmetrical execution, the sharpening of the blade - from its tip to the middle.

Models bayonets, stilettos with needle blades, sometimes you can hear is their name, as the bayonet-knives. These samples have a metal handle, which makes them not very comfortable to use, but it is extremely useful as a thrusting weapon in near melee.

In this section, you will find Russian knives and bayonets of manufacturers such as Zlatoust, Izhmash, Kizlyar, Melita-K. Their quality and price attracted buyers from around the world.

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