AK Vepr 1V Russian 7.62x54r

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Made in Russia
Molot Manufacturer
Authentic Russian Markings


Action Semi-automatic
Barrel Length 16" cold hammer forged chrome lined
  • 7.62x54R
Finish/Color Factory Black
Magazine Capacity 10 rounds
Manufacturer Molot
Model 1V
Overall Length 28"-38"
Sights Adjustable front and rear
Stock Tubular Folding
Type of Barrel Chrome Lined
UPC Code 682821371783
Warranty 12 month manufacture Warranty
Weight 8.11 lb


Legion USA exclusive import. Authentic Russian Markings.

Vepr 1V 7.62x54r rifle. The Molot Vepr IV features a heavy RPK barrel and receiver, along with a 3 lug locking bolt which results in more precise accuracy along with less felt recoil. The folding buttstock allows for a comfortable hold on the rifle, and can be used with the rotating cheek piece moved to the side for shooting with iron sights. Rifle sold with SGM 10rd magazine and TAPCO G2 AK trigger for 922r compliance.

Rifle shown with optional AK ALG Trigger.


Rifle is amazing. Very tight, superb build quality. The stock "safety" is kind of a bummer, but not a deal-breaker. It cannot be removed unless you un-rivet the rear trunion so there's that for anyone curious.

The only problem whatsoever is the magazine. They should really ship these with the factory 5rd because the SGM Tactical magazine is GARBAGE. With an empty magazine, or just one round loaded, you cannot even budge the bolt unless you kick it. (I didn't do this, I'm just making a point.) Makes me worry about clearing possible malfunctions... The action works fine with a full magazine, however.

Unfortunately, the SGM is currently the only option besides the factory 5rd, so I'll probably buy a couple factory magazines and she'll run like boss.

P.S. Legion if you're reading this, how about donating a 5rd to the cause, eh?
My wife took advantage of the black Friday sale and gave me my new Vepr 54r baby dragon lol - She named it Melania for me which was the perfect name for such a classy sleek yet powerful gal

Also it only looses like 95 fps from the longer barrels - check it out for yourself

Whole Article on 2 in ch increment decrease on a mosin -so worth reading!

Like fine Russian caviar that blows u away! Literally lol

In a - IF RUSSIA BUILT A Mercedes AMG Rifle kinda way ; )

Better than fine Russian caviar (which only my dad likes)

This is my forth and (Supposedly final Vepr as per the wife LMAO)

1 Tube fixed Stock Vepr 12 - in the same 1V style no wood**
For competition - tinkering with tactical add on's and fun*

2 folders - in the same 1V style no wood**
1 Tubular folder for SBS as a range toy - waiting first for ATF paperwork**
1 Last tubular folder for home defense - with all the legion parts furniture and mags (look for my other reviews coming soon - have no time*)

(ALL VEPRS in the same 1V style no wood** all with same wire / tubular stock/ adjust cheek rests and the RPK look*FOLDING OR NOT ITS SO FRIKING OPERATOR!!!!!!!!!!)

They all Shoot like butter!! all rounds!! 12 gauge even the 54r is a Budder factory of power minus the kick!!! NO BRAINIER HERE GUYS

FACT: the 16-inch barrel is perfect for suppressors - shorter barrels are stiffer helping eliminate baffle strikes. ENERGY LOSS IS NEGLIGIBLE - it is only 100 fps loss from that of 20" barrel - However suppressed you get extra fps boost back of approx. 50 fps depending on suppressor. The silencer is a good choice for this length barrel - very loud Beast ; )

I've have never received guns faster anywhere else!

next day was at my FFL - I was amazed to have it for the weekend!!!

Double P.S.
Yes the 54r and other rifles (Excluding shotguns*) has a safety lever that engages safety when in folded position. As so you cannot fire or even move safety - however i believe legion can remove it for $50, in same light and any gunsmith can also remove part #3, so don't sweat it ; )

Triple P.S.
Absolutely an amazing Rifle, it is built like a Russian Tank.Got it with the ALG trigger.
All it needs now is that SGM 20 round Magazine.
Love it, and the fact that it folds make it more compact for Storage. Pic rail for red dots Etc..
Pic on handguard for flashlights/grips etc...
Just make sure it is on "SAFE" when you fold it.
On "FIRE" it wont fold.
This Rifle will get people's attention at the Range,
And if they dont see it,they will hear it.

BUY IT!!!!!!

got my 1v vepr its built like a tank accurate as can be a real keeper, best ak made buy one if you can A++++, legion is the best they take care of their customers.
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